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Asha College of Special Education is a sister concern of Asha Bhavan in the field of Special Education aimed at quality education. The inspection team of Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) was impressed by the infra-structure and faculty of Asha Bhavan and recommended for higher level programmes.
Courses Offered:

With the approval of the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and affiliation to Shivaji University, Kolhapur Asha Bhavan has started the following courses:

1. B. Ed. in Special Education
This is a one year degreep program in special education. This course is offered first time in Maharashtra out side Mumbai at Asha College of Special Education.
Prospectus of B Ed. course is available on the payment of DD in favor of ‘Director, Asha College Of Special Education, Satara’ worth Rs.450/- for open class and 350/- for Reserved class.
You can also download the prospectus by cliking the following link. After filling the application form, send it along with the DD to the addess given in the contact page.

Download prospectus

2. Diploma course in Vocational Rehabilitation DVR (MR)
This is a RCI approved one year diploma course in vocational rehabilitation.
Prospectus of DVR (MR) course is available on the Payment of DD worth Rs. 150/-
Download prospectus

An Urgent and Special Need of the Time
Just like all other states of India, Maharashtra has thousands of mentally retarded children (or mentally challenged children as they are called now). The fact is that special schools or institutes or homes for the mentally challenged need staff and faculty who are specially trained. But unfortunately our country and our state have very few institutions catering to this special need. Maharashtra is one of the biggest states in India with almost 100 million population. But the state has only two training centres(B.Ed-MR) for special teachers, and both of them are in Mumbai.

Apart from the severe shortage of seats available in these institutes, it is extremely difficult for candidates from the rest of Maharashtra to go to Mumbai for education due to logistic and financial reasons. Hence it is most important that new special B.Ed (MR) colleges are to be opened in Maharastra that would train special teachers.

One of the signs of the civilised society is its attitude to the under-privileged and people with special needs. Considering the large number of the mentally challenged, both the Central and State Governments have initiated policies and programmes for the training, rehabilitation and welfare of the people with special needs. And there is huge need of opening special institutions and also integrating programmes for the mentally challenged into the regular schools and other institutions. If this is to translate into any real impact we need to have more training centres for special teachers.

There is also huge demand for special teachers in many foreign countries too. Hence this is also an opportunity for India in human resource development.